F1 in Schools

High School

A high school project that focused on designing, building and racing miniature balsa cars. Lots of various CAD was used over the course of 5 years, including running simulations in Solidworks, and doing aerodynamic analysis. We had to manufacture the car using CNC routers, lathes and 3D printers. The competition mimicked a real F1 team in the sense there was also additional components besides the car, including branding, sponsorship, leadership, presentations and more. The car represented the UAE at the World Finals of this competition and was successful in helping the team win an award. The car was powered by a gas canister containing compressed CO2. The entire team was made up of 6 members, who collaborated over seas (3 from the UAE, 3 from Ireland) to participate. A full link to the portfolio presented at the world finals can be found on the right.

Arjun Dave, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

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