Penn Electric Racing:

Mechanical member of this electric car racing team at the University of Pennsylvania. Have focused on creating wing mounting systems as well as performing FEA.

Penn Adapt:

Mechanical member of this engineering group that created medical devices at the University of Pennsylvania. I have worked on prosthetic arms for the group and am now working on an ALS Text-To-Speech Device

GUI Final Project:

Created a GUI on Matlab for a final project in class. The GUI is a tool to analyze various statistics pertaining to different countries that can automatically generate graphs and animations to save. The GUI takes in multiple excel sheets of data and produces it in a readable format.

Steerable Needle:

Working at MODLAB to create a needle that can be maneuvered through the human body. It can turn at tight angles and has potential applications in treatment of various diseases. No photos have been released for this project yet.

Other Projects

Arjun Dave, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

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