Prosthetic Hand

Summer Project

Initially, a school course lead me to writing a 6000 word dissertation on the future of 3D printing, and since then I have been interested in ways we can utilize this creative technology. A summer project lead me to creating and designing a fully function, low cost 3D printed prosthetic hand. I worked with BMVSS (the largest organization for the disabled), to see the specific needs of patients in India. In addition to this, I worked with NovaBeans, a 3D printing company in India to optimize the production of a 3D printed prosthetic hand in India. The arm utilizes a unique method to collapse the finger to allow for a gripping motion. This method was researched heavily and then submitted to E-Nable, an online 3D printing prosthetic community for their use. A full report about the research and design process is available for download on the right.

Arjun Dave, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

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