In the summer of 2017, I worked on Quori, a robot designed for human-robot interaction research. This is meant to be a low cost, modular humanoid robot. For the holonomic and wireless base on Quori, I designed and manufactured the components; I was required to use laser cutting as well as basic machining tools. I also worked on image mapping to a sphere to project images and faces onto a head via a projector and a series of mirrors. In order to make this process entirely computer controlled, I aided in the creation of MATLAB scripts that displayed this mapping for the user to see. I also focused on using arduino to create a motor-driven spine dampening mechanism. 

Throughout the process, I was required to justify my choices for materials, designs, and manufacturing methods via presentations and various testing protocols. I was also selected to give a talk at the lab about motor hub connectors, and ways to join wheels to motors based on the requirements of the project.

Arjun Dave, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

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